We understand that you want fencing you can rely on, that’s why we offer:

Post and Rail Fencing

  • Stakes
  • Struts
  • Strainers

Precast Concrete Post and Panel Fencing

  • Plain Panel
  • Rock Faced Panel
  • H Posts for Concrete Fencing


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Post and Rail Fencing

Stakes, struts and strainers

  • 7’0″ Strainers
  • Struts to suit
  • Stakes at 6’6″ for between strainers

Precast Concrete Post and Panel Fencing

We have two types of panels or concrete fencing:

  • Plain Panel
    • This panel is 1800mm long.
    • It is 300mm high.
  • Rock Faced Panel
    • This Panel is 6’ long
    • It is 300 mm high
    • Rock face design on one side of panel


H Posts for Concrete Fencing

  • These posts have a slot on either side to slot the panels into them.
  • Posts need to be put a minimum of 2’ into the ground for a fence up to 5’ High. For any fence above that height, you should be putting the post 3’ into the ground.
  • We have posts in a range of sizes:
  • 6’ High Post
  • 7’ High Post
  • 8’ High Post
  • 9’ High Post
  • 10’ High Post
  • 12’ High Post