• Our precast concrete footbath is sloped towards a large drainage bung making emptying fast and efficient.
  • End walls of our footbath are flat with rounded corners which in turn helps livestock judge where to place their feet.
  • This footbath holds up to 340 litres of solution at 125mm in depth
  • The side walls on our footbath are 425mm high which helps to prevent the loss of liquid.
  • Grooved floor on our footbath gives better grip. This is important as when livestock are stressed, they are more likely to soil the solution.
  • We supply lifting loops to aid with placement of our footbath.
  • Gates and rails can also be purchased as an addition to the footbath- Our gates can be reversed to hang from either the left or right side.

Eternal Footbath Dimensions 10’6 x 4’ (Internal Dim: 9’10”)

Weight Complete: 2000Kg