Our precast concrete cubicle beds are specifically designed to save space when housing large herds. Our beds provide optimum comfort for livestock while providing both a clean and dry space for cows to rest. These beds are suitable for new and existing buildings and can be used on both solid and slatted floors. We also provide end walls to suit. Concrete inhouse drinkers can also be supplied for end of cubicle runs- these drinkers are available in 70 gallon and 140 gallon. Precast beds can be moved again after installation with lifting pockets on either side. Our beds are reinforced with both steel and fibre throughout.


Cubicle beds have a standard head height of 228mm (9”) and a standard heal height of 178mm (7”). Beds with a head height of 11” and heal height of 8” are available also.

Beds are made at standard lengths of 2100mm (7’) to 2400mm (8’). Longer and shorter beds are available on request.

Extras also available; Cubicle steelwork, mats, and brisket boards.

Cubicle Projects