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Water Trough1
Lifting Loops40 Gallon - Top Fill Water Trough150 Gallon - Bottom Fill Water Trough150 Gallon - Top Fill Water Trough300 Gallon - Top Fill Water Trough500 Gallon - Bottom Fill Water TroughWater Troughs4Water Troughs1Water TroughsWater Troughs3Removable Top SectionLifting Loop500 Gallon - Top Fill Water Trough

Water Troughs/Drinkers

Water Troughs/Drinkers                                    

  • 5 Sizes (40, 75, 150, 300 and 500 gallon)
  • Top and Bottom Fill option available
  • Reinforced with steel and fibre throughout
  • Larger drinkers come with lifting sockets
  • Large capacity bung, located at the bottom for fast and easy cleaning and drainage

If you would like more information please DOWNLOAD OUR WATER TROUGH DATA SHEET

Optional extras; Valves, ballcocks, lifting loops

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