Spillane Precast Concrete supply are range of different valve options, to suit all your needs.

Top and Bottom Fill Apex XtraFlo® Water Tank Valve.

  • Full flow – diaphragm activated
  • Up to 100 gallons Per Minute
  • Above water float adjustment
  • Patented self cleaning valve mechanism to minimise blockage
  • 25mm water level differential from open to closed reducing pump motor overload.
  • Armless – reducing stock damage. (Bottom Entry)
  • Cord cleat for shutting off valve.
  • Long tail model for thin walled trough available.

Working Pressure

  • Low Pressure: 30 – 400 kPa [4 – 60 P.S.I.]
  • High Pressure: 55 – 1000 kPa [8 – 150 P.S.I.]

Xtraflo Valve and float – Top and Bottom Fill options

  • Designed to be installed on the inside of a plastic or concrete water tank. Simply screw the Xtraflo valve into the tank inlet, adjust the float cord length and that’s it ! 
  • Comes complete with a plastic float and cord (bottom entry only).
  • The Xtraflo valve is a high flow valve that allows fast tank filling and eliminates the problems of damage to the valve as all pipework can be installed underground.
  • Xtraflo Valve and float are also available with Top Entry Arm
  • Ideal for retro-fitting in your exiting troughs
  • Sealing washer and back nut.
  • Use 150mm Float.
  • Up to 60 gallons Per Minute

We can also supply Tank connectors which can be used to modify any tank to avail of Full Flow Valves. These tank connectors are used where access or trough walls limit valve options. By using a tank connector you can use full flow valves in any tank.They incorporate a rubber seal at both sides of the trough wall, ensuring complete water tightness.